Popayan Colombia DECAF

$15 - $45

We've got a few tricks up our sleeve and this single origin decaf from the Popayan region of Colombia is  one of them. You'll be so immersed in its buttery, honey, chocolate-y goodness that you won't even realise it's decaf. Down-to-earth. Sensible. Nurturing. The responsible one... because there's one in every crowd. 

$6 per 100g





Who this is for

That guy who's had one too many

Because if it's decaf it doesn't count right?

Best for

Your afternoon fix

Might as well...There’s no risk of it keeping you up at night.

Pairs well with

Playing jokes on coffee "experts"

“Is this really decaf?!” Better believe it buddy.

Our decaf is like a hug from the inside out. It promises to put a smile on your face and love you forever.