Marleny Olaya Colombia

$18 - $55
This single origin from the Balcero region of Colombia is a breath of fresh air, a mover and a shaker. Grown by women using farming practices that are grounded in tradition and steeped in respect for the planet, this bean is a true visionary. With notes of berries, florals and caramel it's hard not to fall in love with this natural beauty.

$7 per 100g





Who this is for

The dreamers

Because all meaningful change starts with a good cup of coffee.

Best for


Be inspired by this inclusive, ethical and sustainable bean.

Pairs well with

Funky tunes

Turn up the music and do a little boogie...we dare you.

Marleny Olaya is a second generation farmer committed to sustainability and educating future generations. As a community leader and environmental advocate, she is a champion for high quality, ethically grown and sourced beans.