Meet Georgie - Designer

Her connection to the Coast is reflected in her designs, which pay homage to “the quintessential sun drenched Australian beach lifestyle”. Passionate about conscious consumption and shopping locally, Georgie shared a bit about her lifestyle, her business and what inspires her.

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Oat milk latte.

What about Noosa feels like home?

The National Park, the ocean and nature.

What does community feel like to you?

Community to me is smiling faces, people remembering your name. Something that became apparent during COVID was how connected as a community we are.

Did you always know you were going to be a creator and entrepreneur?

I always wanted a career in fashion. That said, in my early twenties I wanted to be an actress and moved to Sydney to do a TV show...most unusual. But it is good to experiment and take risks, we only live once.

Who has most inspired you creatively?

I am inspired by Instagram influencers, particularly Sarah Shabacon of Boheme Goods. Her sense of colour and texture is always one step ahead. I'm also inspired by the community here in Noosa. We have a relaxed and effortless aesthetic and there are so many gorgeous, creative babes around town.

How has your aesthetic evolved over the years?

It takes time to educate yourself but I am always inspired by the people around me. When I lived in Melbourne and worked in the Seed head office we wore high heels and structured pieces every day. Now I wear Tevas and terrycloth.

What is a typical day in your life like?

I just signed up to the F45 challenge so now the day starts with this, then school drop off and get into the office by 8:45am, 5 days a week.

How do you find peace in your day to day life?

F45 or hot yoga. Well F45 is rather intense actually, so maybe I am more peaceful in my Bikram class. Otherwise, walking in the National Park is the best way to feel centered and peaceful along with going for a swim in the ocean.

How do you celebrate milestones?

We have been so crazy busy growing a strong online and wholesale business that we haven't stopped to appreciate how far we have come. Maybe it's time to arrange a team party...

What's been the most important lesson for you as a small business owner and creator?

Trust your instincts...very, very important.


Any words of wisdom you live by?

We will make mistakes - learn from them and move on.

What's next on the agenda for you?

Expanding to include accessories and working on exacting new fabrications for next winter.

Connect with Georgie:

Instagram: @aramintajames